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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ju On IV

Once, twice or trice or more, in our life we would meet a cork suxking jerk.

When I entered main camp, back in the early 2000, I happened to share a room with a final year jerk who's been kicked out of his room's after getting caught stealling from his roommate. It was a room of four, the other two was ok except this thief. Actually that partition wasn't even his. It was for another junior who never showed up.

At first this jerkly moronic thief was ok, and i stupidly belief his story of him being framed, sadly. He mind his business and i mind mine so as the other 2 seniors which now make 3 with me the only junior. i don't even recalled what he looks like or what his name is, because i don't care, i just want to live in peace, but i do know and remebered the other two.

Just when I think it wont get any worse,,,, It does! unfortunately.

One day i made a mistake, the other two seniors were ok, ah small matter for junior who just entered campus life, life of sharing, sharing with others that is older than U, but this thief made a big fuss about it and started condemning me infront of the others, well i could hear other senior trying to defend me but he continue pressing on making a big fuss. I was stuned to see how a ginormous jerk with small dix he is. From that day, that room was never like before, tense filled the air.

The last straw was when I lost my wallet, the whole wallet containing some money, IC, matric card and bank card. It happened so fast, I left it under the pillow while showering before going to class. So I report to the college office, but with no proof nor David Caruso around the thief got away. After that awful tragedy, I was never in my room that much, i just come back to sleep, shower and change clothes, during weekend i didn't come back at all. Not just he took my wallet he switched my light bulb (my partition's) with his problematic one, instead of going to the college office and report, he just want to make my life miserable, I noticed his light bulb having problem way before, so I'm positive that my suddenly blink light bulb wasn't mine.

Luckily, It was just a sem, not a year or three years. The reason I'm reminiscing this because I just got back from a chat with a friend who was also once experienced meeting a jerkly moron in his life, and that is why both of us eventhou single but happily live alone, we dont rent with others ( 1 house many people lives). To that moron, what goes around ALWAYS comes around, and u just wait, It may be not coming from me but it will come.... and u just wait..




and the echoes continue..


Jo Qusary said...

I can't help laughing thinking about the thief having enough time to switch the light bulb too... McGyver thief? That's very dangerous, I bet he could even unscrew bank safes later in life, haha...

There were even female jerks around when I was in college. I nearly got expelled from my IPT because of this one pretty girl who is really good at acting nice on the outside... but she's a devil in the inside. Thank goodness I was able to defend myself in the IPT courtroom.

So when I got in my second year, I rented an apartment and stayed only with my brother who is also studying at the same IPT. Even until now I only stayed alone and sometimes with my parents.

whitecappuccino said...

It happened to my son whose renting a house recently..he lost his electric guitar then his laptop..the room was locked.Must be somebody inside. he was wondering why he always became the victim. not long after that he moved to another house, with different rooomates. So far, nothing lost.

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