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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


What triggers my anxiety disorder was the pain and bloated i felt beneath the rib cage on the left side of the body which is just under the heart and a little biting on the back, , followed by breathing problem and heart thumping. It often occur whenever it want to occur and sometimes at 3 to 4 AM in the middle of the night, this one is scarry. Since I live alone, I freak out and drive to the emergency room only later to find out it was nothing.

Later I found out without the breathing problem and heart thumping, it was GASTRIC. I got 2G's earlier this year, gastric and gout, i get rid of gout with HPA ardisia herbal pills, the gastric is still here, now the symptom widens to constant burping, choking sensation around the neck, dizziness and light headedness. It is all resulted from the combination of eating disorderly, acid citric in lime (limau nipis) and bird's eyes chili (cili padi). Usually I missed breakfast and skip lunch, I eat after got back from work, I ate a big meal to cover dinner, breakfast and luncheon all in one, and I love heat and sour, I usually add chilies and lime to make the food more appetizing. later, all this comeback to hunt me, padan muka.

But it's not all bad. My life change after the first attack, i quit everything unhealthy, later resulted in me ballooning up to 89 kg,even thou i don't look like 89 since I'm giraffely tall. I went for a complete blood test in the middle of the year. The result wasn't that good nor bad, after seeking a medical advice, I need to loose some weight. So I change my life style, starting with food consumption, I remembered an article in this blog written by Hizzame, semua penyakit datang dari perut. So I decided to cook my own food, I replace vegetable oil, deep frying and santan based cooking with olive oil, steaming or frying with non stick pan (so that no oil needed) and water based cooking (soup, tom yam, boiling) and took sweet beverage once a day only.

To live longer is not our call but we CAN live healthier :)


Jo Qusary said...

Oh, wow... but you're still young, in fact only one year older than I am, how can you have gout? Maybe you should try parkour like me, hehehe...

Yes, healthy food makes a healthy body and creates a healthy mind! It is better to cook your own food than eating outside... all you ever see nowadays are fast food which brings more bad effects on health than good.

Which reminds me,I have a healthy recipe to share with everyone in my blog...it is said to be good for your mind and stamina, maybe you can try it too... wait for it :)

FarhanaDr said...

InsyaALLAH.. Kalau jaga elok-elok, everything will be okay.. Take care encik Gentleman Frog.. Semoga sihat dan happy selalu hendaknya.. :)

whitecappuccino said...

tabiat pemakanan kita memberi kesan pada kesihatan kita..

una berry said...

wow, u're seriously, totally, giraffely tall! like so much much much taller than me. 36cm difference!

euh, to stop eating what we usually eat is hard.most of yummy food is very unhealthy.kudos to u who manage to do that.

I'm pushing my self to eat more veges nowadays. it's a good start no?

hizzame said...

Wei ko kena insaf,jangan jadi macam Budin,asyik makan lamb chop & seafood last-last kena ghout,darah tinggi & sakit jantung (peringkat awal). Ko kena ingat kita sekarang sudah tua hahaha.

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