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Friday, June 7, 2013

Note 2 charger cable Sucks not

I've been using galaxy note 2 for 7 months now. I bought it from DiGi store together with DiGi broadband, 8 Mpbs for RM88 (with RM2 hidden charge that total to RM90 per month, ah u know this blood sucker).

The only drawback that pisses me off until today is the charger capability or the cable. It takes too much times -most of the time- almost a day of charging to fully charged the battery even with power off..

After some twist and turn I found out I need to set the cable into a loop in order to maximize the charging rate, however it doesn't usually took affect, sadly.

I love to travel, I travel whenever I have the chance and I used the trusted waze to navigate my way around since I prefered driving my own vehicle.

Waze is a reliable navigation application however it needs both the internet and GPS to be turned on in order to work.

So U might guessed how much power it ate up per trip, and those who owned note 2 are very much familiar with its internet drains battery reputation.

But it will not be an issue if its rechargeable rate matches the excellence of nokia. Any note 2 user who has resolve the problem please help.



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