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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Syura made it to the final

Yes Syura made it to the final. (I'm talking about Masterchef)

I was in my secondary school when Syura first appeared together with Nana.

That was the era that they nicked named every new comer as Siti's clone.

This due to the fact that the mushrooming new comer in the singing industry seems to have voice identical to the newly discovered Siti Nurhaliza.

Siti rocketed to fame after winning bintang RTM.

Thus those who came after her had to brave the hard way.

And there Syura was with Nana singing that out of tune Bakawali.

Hijab accentuated her beauty.

Back then she doesn't wore one so nobody barely noticed her, sunk between the other Rachel's hairstyle of the 90's.

Her character made an impact in my life because that was the last day of my school years, best year of my life.

(tears started to well up)

All my money will be on her (not literally), hopes  she'll win masterChef 2 tonight.

Back to Siti, yes there was many clones of her's back then.



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