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Friday, May 24, 2013

I choose MAS

I watched the apprentice asia with interest. The apprentice has long been my favourite tv show since I was a student.

Back to the episode.

Trump would have fired someone or two from both teams because both had lost the task of not making any profit.

Among other things.

Tony did mentioned ethic is very important in business (after finding out that Alex cheated a customer by claiming he's a  french chef)... that's really reflect airasia as a whole, ETHIC, that was why they'd denied boarding of a mother and her baby after suspecting her baby of chicken pox with confirmation from a girl clad in nurse outfit, hurmmm.

I fly twice a year, before this I'd choose airasia any time until I found out MAS is better, way better. Beside the food their hospitality is highly laudable.

Back in 2010, we were stranded at KK's airport because of heavy rain, missed our flight to KL and our next flight to Penang (suppose to fly at 6 and fly to Penang at 10). Eventually we made out of KK at 11. As soon as we alighted at KLIA, we were greeted by MAS staff, our flight we rescheduled to tomorrow morning and we were taken to Holiday Inn for the night all paid for.

After that experience I always choose MAS over Airasia eventhough I have to pay RM100 extra.

Long live MAS!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mr. know it all

I found out there are two kinds of people in this world.

The know-how and the know-it-all. The know-how is the one who got the required knowledge and the know-it-all is someone who gives the impression of knowing everything yet exactly the opposite.

When I was a student I owned a PC, like many other students I used it mostly to play games and watch movies and of course for its secondary usage, to finish my assignments. (back in those days we doesn't have broadband yet, and there're no hot spot in our campus, so we don't surf much because it cost money, we need to go to the cybercafe to surf the internet.)

So sometimes I have problem with it. In my early days before I know a thing or two about computering, I sought help from others and this is where I met such a people, mostly the know-it-all kind.

The know-how will quickly point out the problem and propose a solution.

But the know-it-all, instead of replying the issue being raise they will end up feeding unnecessary information about it and tend to jump from one topic to another haphazardly but still within the scope, shooting blindly hoping that a random bullet would hit something like Steven Seagal in all of his movies.

For example, why does my computer screen turn blue and made a tut tut tut sound after I installed a new motherboard?

The know-it-all kind answered,

have u checked your CPU, your fan, your ATX power connecter, your DRAM memory slot, your IDE connector, your northbridge, your AGP slot, your southbridge, your PCI slot, your CMOS backup battery, your connectors for integrated peripherals so on and so forth all the way to the land of bullshits, lots of it.

The know-how hits the nail, its your graphic card, tighten it up. Problem solved.

So here's a profile I pull out of my nostril to identify Mr. know-it-all,

The person usually just discovered or bought something unprecedented into his life and just by being disclosed for some time or by reading the manual he already thinks he's and expert of the subject, for example;

1. just bought an iPad and suddenly thinks he's Steve job.

2. just joined a group with religious image and suddenly thinks he's a cleric that can issue decree.

3. A 16 years old whose parents taking a course to go to hajj suddenly became an expert of hajj as if he's working with tabung haji.

Ah you get the idea.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

The thief fell prey to 'the fence'

I beat the police, I have unravel the mysterious untimely death of the car thief, here's some fact I deduced from my keen observation.

Its kinda eerie nowadays but back in those days it is commonplace for such a thing.

It is called pagar,literally means fence,technically means erecting fence around something with magic (either white or black), usually valuables. The magic was cast by chanting some spell on the object one wish to leave for a while.

Some famous practice involving fencing are fencing one's house, estate, orchard from thievery by burying something in the four corner of the property, fencing self or someone from black magic with some practice or ritual and lastly fencing valuables left behind to attend something.

It is well known that fencing in some way fatal, like what had happened, the thief took the money and try to flee alas in a few steps he collapsed and died abruptly. There were other account I have heard somewhere, there was a thief who tried to enter one's house he found himself later drowning in an imaginary sea.

In this case, I think it comes from the bag not the car, since nothing happened when he drove the car away, but as soon as he tried to flee with the bag he collapsed and died.

Fence beats alarm anytime, and this shall be a lesson to all not to mess with someone else thing.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Thief dies untimely after taking car with child inside

Thief dies after taking car with child inside

KUALA LUMPUR: In a freakish turn of events, a thief drove off a car with a seven-year-old boy inside only to die several kilometres away from the crime scene in Setapak here.

The boy was safely reunited with his family after passers-by, who noticed him crying alone in the vehicle, contacted his father.

It is believed that during the 7am incident, the boy’s mother – a teacher in her 30s – was sending her two younger daughters to a childcare centre in Taman Melati.

The mother was accompanying her daughters into the centre when the thief stole the car.

“She left the boy in the car with the engine running when the thief got into the vehicle and drove it away,” said City police CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Ku Chin Wah.

It is understood that the thief panicked because the boy was crying continuously.

He then pulled over and fled on foot with a bag, containing an undisclosed amount of cash belonging to the mother.

However, after taking a few steps, he collapsed and died.

Police later found his body on a road in Taman Setapak Indah, some 100m from the abandoned car.

ACP Ku said the body of the suspect, who had several drug-related crime records, was sent to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital for a post-mortem. ~the star

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Eating Booger

Gross is not funny.

I never missed the Cleveland show because the show is  hilarious. I've been following the show since the day they move out of Quahog back to Virginia.

Except tonight. Tonight's episode is about Ralo getting off his habit of eating booger...... and something about Cleveland and coffee.

Booger is a piece of dried mucus in our nose. tahi hidung.

Half of tonight show portrays Ralo playing with booger or mucus. It start with Ralo picking his nose, acquired a booger, role it up and throw it into his mouth, after sometimes swallowing it, and then another guys doing the same thing, and then he was on his bed about to eat his booger when Junior caught him, and then in the toilet where he stashed his booger under the sink, he was about to retrieve it and put it in his mouth when Juniour stopped him, and then he sing a song while playing with his green mucus and then I turned off the tv cursing.

Since when playing with feces is considered funny and how can some people even think that poops would brighten our lives.

I remembered once, when I was at Ralo's age. I got scolded for doing what he did. yeah It was in Sg Petani, one sunny day,  I was on the sofa answering something to my aunt, at the same time playing with my mucus, she scolded me for that, I didn't remember what day and date it was but it was in the early 80's.

Case study,

Austin Power for some reason is making a hot cocoa in a lab where the scientist there is processing a pot of poop to recover evidence, Austin mistakenly add that poop to his cup instead of the cocoa which is boiling beside the pot of poop.

Is that funny?

The accident is, but not the poop.  


Friday, May 10, 2013

The girl that changed my life

I'm a hermit, an anti social who values my solitary a lot, I don't go out and mix with my neighbors  much. I never smile to anyone unless I was force to, which means smiled upon first. But I did returned the wave and smile if I get caught off guard. Its not that I'm rude It's just that I was born like that.

There is one non-Malay family living on my street who has a one and half year old daughter. small, thin, innocent looking, more to her mother and pure at heart-the most distinctive trait of all.

Every evening when I got home from work, my routine were to drove passed everybody outside my house (usually kids playing, neighbors taking their evening walk or walking their kids).

I have become accustomed to pretend to ignore everybody around me, albeit they're 3, 4 risky processes that requires me to be out in the open before I managed to lock myself safely inside the house. I carefully planed and regularly practices this routine so that I will not get caught, so I hope.

Let me walk you, first, I have to drive through the crowded street (the risk emerged when I didn't tinted my window dark enough), second, I have to get out of the car to open the gate, third, I have to reverse park and then again got out of my car and close the gate, lastly I have to risk minutes in the open to take care of the lock at the door before I can let myself in safely from those viciously friendly neighbors.

I went about this for three years full until this girl learned to walk!                  

...and then a new chapter of my life open itself before me.

Every evening, her mother took her out for a stroll or taught her to ride a tricycle, now to drive a car   -paddle car that is. (Despite the news, I observe everything secretly from my tinted window so that I wouldn't miss anything around me, that's how I catches up.)

The first meeting was when i was closing the gate last year, with a cute blank face of no emotion, she waved at me, she was standing by her tricycle and caught me by surprise, I startled and force to wave back in amazement, her mother chuckled to herself for she knew my hermithood nature.

After that incident its almost like automation when she saw me or even my car (its one of the miracle of memory -how could she at that age possibly recognized what car I drove) she definitely will raise her small hand and gave an emotionless face, and I, like hypnotized, would wave back startled.

After a few strings of incident, my life changed, I say hi to her mother, and even make a conversation, asking how old is her daughter, I smile whenever i see my other neighbors and we talk a little about subjects that we already knew about, (once I taught it was stupid to do so) like,

"hey, going to work?" said I to my neighbor Yazid who is obviously going to work.

"shopping?" when my other neighbor got back from somewhere carrying a lot of groceries.

"Its going to rain yea?" pointing out to the obviously marching gray sky.

"It's really hot today", on an obvious cloudless day with scorching sun proudly ruling the sky.

"new car?" to a neighbor who just jumped out from a shinny car with a new registration number that ends with a 'T'.

And then I finally realized the beauty of it all, obvious question makes the world go round.

This girl has changed my life.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Affin's ATM Lagging Cost Money to Customer

Salam to all,

I visit Affin Bank cash deposit machine every 26th, 25th, 27th, 30th, 31st, 29th or 28th. to pay my car loan.

usually I went to withdraw some cash first at BSN, unfortunately on that day, the ATM ran dry.

So I thought I would use the meps service at Affin to save up some time, after all meps only charged RM1 per withdrawal.

There are two customers at Affin paying at the CDM, as I about to approach the ATM one of the customer greeted me.

"Are U a card holder?'

"Nope I'm using the meps."

"I suggest U better not."

"And why shouldn't I?"

"This happened to me last month, I try to withdraw some money using AFFIN ATM but the machine severely lagging at a snail with broken leg pace,

after I keyed in what was needed to be keyed, the machine seem to be taking more time than a normal ATM machine would, as if U are entering a government website set up by RM2 crony's company, if u know what i'm saying ( I dig u very much I'm a teacher an accustomed to PBS),

when finally the machine vomited out my card and the screen turn to advertisement,  but to my dismay there weren't any cash coming out,

so I waited for a while until i was convinced that the machine had actually cancelled the process, so I thought,

Than i took off and went to Maybank, as I was withdrawing the money, only then I noticed an amount missing equal to the amount I keyed in at Affin, so I rush back here but there's no cash or person to be found sadly."

After hearing that I shied away quickly to maybank with a thank you to that good samaritan and wish his luck would be better in the future.

There are lessons to be learned here,

if u do something do it perfectly so that it will not victimised others, in this case who ever set up the machine,

in my case I remembered once that I had wronged an innocent man, I only noticed it after the payment has been released and the boy literally vanished.

Wherever U are, hear me out, I'm sorry I'll make it up to you one day and if not may ALLAH the self-sufficient bless U one way or another for ALLAH is Ghaniyu.

Secondly, don't bank at Affin.


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