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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Eating Booger

Gross is not funny.

I never missed the Cleveland show because the show is  hilarious. I've been following the show since the day they move out of Quahog back to Virginia.

Except tonight. Tonight's episode is about Ralo getting off his habit of eating booger...... and something about Cleveland and coffee.

Booger is a piece of dried mucus in our nose. tahi hidung.

Half of tonight show portrays Ralo playing with booger or mucus. It start with Ralo picking his nose, acquired a booger, role it up and throw it into his mouth, after sometimes swallowing it, and then another guys doing the same thing, and then he was on his bed about to eat his booger when Junior caught him, and then in the toilet where he stashed his booger under the sink, he was about to retrieve it and put it in his mouth when Juniour stopped him, and then he sing a song while playing with his green mucus and then I turned off the tv cursing.

Since when playing with feces is considered funny and how can some people even think that poops would brighten our lives.

I remembered once, when I was at Ralo's age. I got scolded for doing what he did. yeah It was in Sg Petani, one sunny day,  I was on the sofa answering something to my aunt, at the same time playing with my mucus, she scolded me for that, I didn't remember what day and date it was but it was in the early 80's.

Case study,

Austin Power for some reason is making a hot cocoa in a lab where the scientist there is processing a pot of poop to recover evidence, Austin mistakenly add that poop to his cup instead of the cocoa which is boiling beside the pot of poop.

Is that funny?

The accident is, but not the poop.  



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