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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Affin's ATM Lagging Cost Money to Customer

Salam to all,

I visit Affin Bank cash deposit machine every 26th, 25th, 27th, 30th, 31st, 29th or 28th. to pay my car loan.

usually I went to withdraw some cash first at BSN, unfortunately on that day, the ATM ran dry.

So I thought I would use the meps service at Affin to save up some time, after all meps only charged RM1 per withdrawal.

There are two customers at Affin paying at the CDM, as I about to approach the ATM one of the customer greeted me.

"Are U a card holder?'

"Nope I'm using the meps."

"I suggest U better not."

"And why shouldn't I?"

"This happened to me last month, I try to withdraw some money using AFFIN ATM but the machine severely lagging at a snail with broken leg pace,

after I keyed in what was needed to be keyed, the machine seem to be taking more time than a normal ATM machine would, as if U are entering a government website set up by RM2 crony's company, if u know what i'm saying ( I dig u very much I'm a teacher an accustomed to PBS),

when finally the machine vomited out my card and the screen turn to advertisement,  but to my dismay there weren't any cash coming out,

so I waited for a while until i was convinced that the machine had actually cancelled the process, so I thought,

Than i took off and went to Maybank, as I was withdrawing the money, only then I noticed an amount missing equal to the amount I keyed in at Affin, so I rush back here but there's no cash or person to be found sadly."

After hearing that I shied away quickly to maybank with a thank you to that good samaritan and wish his luck would be better in the future.

There are lessons to be learned here,

if u do something do it perfectly so that it will not victimised others, in this case who ever set up the machine,

in my case I remembered once that I had wronged an innocent man, I only noticed it after the payment has been released and the boy literally vanished.

Wherever U are, hear me out, I'm sorry I'll make it up to you one day and if not may ALLAH the self-sufficient bless U one way or another for ALLAH is Ghaniyu.

Secondly, don't bank at Affin.



norh said...

tak guna affin :)

whitecappuccino said...

assalamualaikum...so..duit tu tak dapat dapat balik la? affin bank takde di tempat saya..nasib baik.

Gentleman Frog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gentleman Frog said...


he got back his money, they money doesn't literally came out.

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