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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The thief fell prey to 'the fence'

I beat the police, I have unravel the mysterious untimely death of the car thief, here's some fact I deduced from my keen observation.

Its kinda eerie nowadays but back in those days it is commonplace for such a thing.

It is called pagar,literally means fence,technically means erecting fence around something with magic (either white or black), usually valuables. The magic was cast by chanting some spell on the object one wish to leave for a while.

Some famous practice involving fencing are fencing one's house, estate, orchard from thievery by burying something in the four corner of the property, fencing self or someone from black magic with some practice or ritual and lastly fencing valuables left behind to attend something.

It is well known that fencing in some way fatal, like what had happened, the thief took the money and try to flee alas in a few steps he collapsed and died abruptly. There were other account I have heard somewhere, there was a thief who tried to enter one's house he found himself later drowning in an imaginary sea.

In this case, I think it comes from the bag not the car, since nothing happened when he drove the car away, but as soon as he tried to flee with the bag he collapsed and died.

Fence beats alarm anytime, and this shall be a lesson to all not to mess with someone else thing.


Miss P said...

Can the person who used black magic to kill the thief be charged for murder then? I think the act of casting black magic is as heinous, if not more terrible than, as the act of stealing. Maybe both the thief and victim deserved what they get for something they might have done before.

By the way, Happy Teacher's Day.

Gentleman Frog said...

I don't know the verdict,

Once in the 90s a film, tarik-tarik or tarik duit staring aziz satar and zalina zainudin, that stirred the bomoh community, and they expressed their displeased publicly and a few days later u know what happened to the director of the film?

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