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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mr. know it all

I found out there are two kinds of people in this world.

The know-how and the know-it-all. The know-how is the one who got the required knowledge and the know-it-all is someone who gives the impression of knowing everything yet exactly the opposite.

When I was a student I owned a PC, like many other students I used it mostly to play games and watch movies and of course for its secondary usage, to finish my assignments. (back in those days we doesn't have broadband yet, and there're no hot spot in our campus, so we don't surf much because it cost money, we need to go to the cybercafe to surf the internet.)

So sometimes I have problem with it. In my early days before I know a thing or two about computering, I sought help from others and this is where I met such a people, mostly the know-it-all kind.

The know-how will quickly point out the problem and propose a solution.

But the know-it-all, instead of replying the issue being raise they will end up feeding unnecessary information about it and tend to jump from one topic to another haphazardly but still within the scope, shooting blindly hoping that a random bullet would hit something like Steven Seagal in all of his movies.

For example, why does my computer screen turn blue and made a tut tut tut sound after I installed a new motherboard?

The know-it-all kind answered,

have u checked your CPU, your fan, your ATX power connecter, your DRAM memory slot, your IDE connector, your northbridge, your AGP slot, your southbridge, your PCI slot, your CMOS backup battery, your connectors for integrated peripherals so on and so forth all the way to the land of bullshits, lots of it.

The know-how hits the nail, its your graphic card, tighten it up. Problem solved.

So here's a profile I pull out of my nostril to identify Mr. know-it-all,

The person usually just discovered or bought something unprecedented into his life and just by being disclosed for some time or by reading the manual he already thinks he's and expert of the subject, for example;

1. just bought an iPad and suddenly thinks he's Steve job.

2. just joined a group with religious image and suddenly thinks he's a cleric that can issue decree.

3. A 16 years old whose parents taking a course to go to hajj suddenly became an expert of hajj as if he's working with tabung haji.

Ah you get the idea.



whitecappuccino said...

ramai juga org mcam ni dan pernah jumpa pun.

Forskning Beta said...

there are also Mr dont-know-at-all but like to share things on FB

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