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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Mind reading, literally? Sound impossible. Technically can be done with sample and statistic.

Perasan is excessively proud of one's appearance or accomplishment which only seen by that particular person yet other perceive as ordinary. U'll know one when u feel sorry hearing to this guy speaking highly of him/herself of his 'good lookingness' and how he claimed everybody's trying to flirt him/her. Yet also u'll know that that is a joke when u are laughing and that is an exception. the exact perasan is when u're not laughing, with uneasiness in your gut and feeling sorry for this guy.

Anyway, have anybody ever wonder what is in the mind of a vain person (vain is the closest meaning to perasan even though not the exact). what he/she sees in the mirror everyday if it is not broken. what makes he/she think of which he/she is not? while he or she is in the right mind and not high of any kind of drugs.

A vain person often get over react over somebody's just being polite. 'A' says while showing a photo "This is my friend", with some awry his/her friend reply "whoa he's/she's cute". Then 'A' go and tell this friend, that his/her friend said he/she is cute. afterward he/she will aired to everybody he meet that he/she is cute with some exaggeration of his/her silky hair, fair skin, brown eyes bla bla bla.

Sometimes a vain person not just speak the opposite of him/herself yet criticize others who eventually have the same problem as his/hers, eg: "u are ugly u need help" said an ugly person to another ugly person. Have he/she lost his mind or not looking in the mirror lately or ever?

all in all, it is not perasan if one's excessively proud of one's appearance or accomplishment if it is true. What we're talking here is of the 'not true' and completely the opposite. U'll know one when u meet one.


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