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Monday, February 27, 2012


Who do you consider a vain person? A person who got it all and excessively proud of it or a person who is 'high', who him/herself alone think he/she got it all while others don't think the same way and to make thing worse, he/she "excessively proud of it" tee he he.

Lets take the second definition, a person who doesn't.. yet full of him/herself. It is either, first, this person is pulling a hilarious joke or second, this person is lost, completely.

How do u know when u meet one? If u meet the first one, u are laughing. The second one is quite complicated of mix reaction of either pity or disgust that may be u will either pause or pout upon reaction.

second, pout?.. if there is even a little reason left in this guy's head, he/she wont be babbling about what is supposed to be laughing about. if u have the courage. tell him/her. If not walk away.

First, pause?.. of holding not to burst out of laughter or just feeling sorry for this guy muahaha. This kinda person is often sensitive in nature and obviously what you see is not what he claimed he is to be.

Upon meeting the first character. How should u react? Try a few nod and slowly change the channel as waking up a baby from its sleep for this person is delicate and lost.

Why should u change the channel? the more u hear, your heart will beat faster, more, you'll get adrenaline rush, more, u want to scream, more, u may get a heart attack.

So, quickly with delicacy change the channel, it will save u.

and this is Gentlemen Frog for today's tip.

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