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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Something happens to me.

I live alone. When thing got emotional, disturb or tense. suddenly i felt like catching an asthma, at first i thought it was a heart attack. My heart pound so hard that i could hear it with no artificial assistant and i hardly breath, like out of oxygen, the oxygen wouldn't come in through my left nostril and the feeling of uneasiness in my left stomach.

The first attack at 9 pm last two weeks, the second was on monday at 3.30 am three days after, the third, 4am on friday the following. The first occurrence i rushed to the nearest private clinic, after several test of ECG and others, the doctor said it was nothing, i went there twice and give up RM50 for nothing, no drugs given. The second and third i went to the ER of the government hospital, the ECG, X-ray and blood test also yield nothing, there 100% oxygen in my blood and the heart rate is normal.

The doctor said i'm physically healthy and advise me to stop worrying and socialize a bit more, go out, have some friends and do things together. I said i have been a hermit for a very long time and it didn't effect my health. the doctor said, that was before, now i'm already 30. The monday doctor gave me chlorpheniramine maleate 4mg, cold or flu remedy and i'm not catching any cold at that time?. the friday doctor have me drank a white liquid of gastric remedy, I ate 3 times that day? then talk me down to relax and discharge me.

When i told my colleagues at work, I have thought what they gonna say, 'If science cannot detect it then u dah kena buatan orang', Hahaha as suspected. I refuse to believe that, i think i'm unhealthy emotionally or psychologically. So i gave up a few things, politics (let others worry about the country) and solitude (time to share).


una berry said...

find a wife. it could ease ur pain a bit :D

norh said...

jom, join saya excercise petang2 & hujung minggu.. bila dah masuk 30-an ni, 'maintenance' kena lebih tinggi.. he he

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

i used to be like that (still do sometime)

always worry, paranoid, emotional unstable blablabla...

u should think more about nice things in the world, it helps me. ;D

cik anyss said...

maybe what you need is me..? haha. :)

whitecappuccino said...

agree with Una..:)

poyaty said...

whats wrong? cuba bawak bertenang dan bertenang. hehe. maybe anda patut pergi bercuti dan tenangkan diri :)

FarhanaDr said...

Haaaaaa.. Meh saye tolong diagnose kan.. :)

Macam panic attack pon ade.. Huhu. Jaga diri okayhhhh.. Chill chill selalu.. Jangan tensen sangat.. :)

Gentleman Frog said...

salam all,

Una n WC, may be yes may be not.

norh, with u, i would luv 2 but i'm not in penang rite now.

asrul, this is the cream of the internet, eventualy i met someone w experience, will try that.

cik anyss, i definitely luv 2.

poyaty, my be.

DrFarhana, panic attack, i just read abt it when u mentioned it, tq. N i definitely luv 2 be diagnose by U if u really a dr, aren't u?

Jo Qusary said...

I think the doctor is right, you need to go out and socialize more with people... there is a chance that interaction with another person can lessen anxiety disorder which could lead to panic attack... the more you deal with people, the more you will be able to learn to control the panic trigger...

Irwan said...

salam cik gentleman frog. Ihope u don't mind me featuring your blog next monday!


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