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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


They're two kind of people, those who face their problem and those who wished their problem will go away. Problem that they themselves created. 

Some people borrowed money from me years ago. At that time we were student. It was in our early years at Uni.

All of us got PTPTN but only some has clear conscience while many don't. They get rid off their money in a week literally, through shopping, leisuring and jollying, and not on books.

After that they're declared broke, whence everybody's eat they don't, everybody buy book they don't. Problems come when, later they started bothering others for financial assistant, famous alibi, to eat, if we refuse, they'll hurt us with 'the true meaning of friendship and god favor who help the ill fortunate' sermone. Ill fortunate?!

Sems goes by, so as years but no sign of the sermoner paying back. Forgotten? I  Don't think so, the amount if based on current financial value at that time is kinda big, for a student. Until the last day at Uni eventually arrived. We all graduated and spread all over Malaysia if not the world.

 Until one day, wish sometimes do come true.


Recently we met again. He is currently working with the government. Risk free, lots of allowance and secured.

'how in the heaven u got here'

'chasing after my money lah what else?'



una berry said...


anyway, I've met lots of people like that. luckily I only get half of the PTPTN so I have to use it wisely.

Ayuni said...

hikhik, lots of human being like that nowadays....anyway, it is some kind of ironic

norh said...

how to face problems created by others..

whitecappuccino said...

Kawan baik penah juga pinjam duit wat business, masa tu Saya baru keje..banyak la jugak..sampai sekarang jumpa pun mcm tak pnah kenal..tinggal tak jauh pun.. lagipun dia bkn orng susah ..

sissyira said...

salam malam rabu =)

nak cakap apa ek? hutang ptptn belambak ni...huhu

Poyaty said...

smlm da komen. tp ilang. mencikkk.

ok, patut keja saja org yg berhutang tu smpai lobang cacing

sekamar rindu said...


kadang2 pasal pinjam meminjam ni..kawan baik pun leh jadi bermasam muka..

bila jumpa buat2 tak tahu je hutang tu...

Part Tw0 said...

my mom always said to me, if you love ur frenship, do neither borrow money from someone or lend it to someone...and it's TRUE!!!

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