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Friday, February 11, 2011


Panic attack.

When Dr Farhana mentioned it, i did some reading on the internet. The symptoms matched, I think i'm experiencing that. But i don't understand, why me, i'm a teacher not a businessman, how tense could i be?

I reflect deeply last night and found out that, when something triggers worry, like common fever, gastric or hemorrhoids, bleeding while passing motions, i start worrying and feeling that ticklish at my left stomach, heart pounding and out of oxygen.

Just what kind of medication or treatment that i need to overcome this, panic attack, so far no doctor suggest me anything except to socialize and not to worry. If its my leg or hand that have problem, i will not worry much, but if its breathing, who wouldn't.


una berry said...

do socialize
I mean really socialize
not in this virtual world

Jo Qusary said...

panic attack comes with anxiety disorder... don't let things worry you so much...

whitecappuccino said...

hmm..you need lots of rest..not to worry too much..hope you will get better soon.

zaradgreat said...

panic with student's result? chilling~~

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

try exercise as well...

it helps to ease the stress and pain


FarhanaDr said...

Eh.. Belum jadi dokter lagi.. Heehee.. :)

Actually I learn about this during my psychiatry posting.. It involves with our psychology that's why those who are having panic attack usually end up seeing psychiatrist.. And they usually prescribe some medication to relieve your anxiety and sometimes ada aktiviti macam psychosocial rehabilitation.. It works.. Heehee.. :)

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