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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


illustration by Jo Qusary

When I was little (back in the mid 80's) I used to stand in front of the mirror and I always wonder if there is another world, another realm out there inside the mirror, the realm of reflection. I used to stare for a few minutes at the mirror not looking at myself but what is behind my reflection. Fortunately the mirror was position in front of the window so its capture the landscape outside the window. I stare and I stare, hardly looking for a sign of life in the mirror's realm, and never get lucky, not until one day.

One day, I looked so hard into the mirror as if i was looking through it when suddenly I saw little people on the branch of the asam renda tree. (I don't know if this plant still exist today) because there was no more around my house when i return a few years back after graduate and all. The asam renda tree was tall because it reach the second floor of our kampung house which is built on a tiang, back then, now we get rid of the stairs and all on the ground because when you are old, stair doesn't really complimentary.

Back to the little people. As I looked harder to make sure i wasn't imagining thing, then i quckly turn to the real world expecting the same thing but to my disappointment it wasn't there in the real world. I turn back to the mirror and look again to make sure but easily, the little man was there walking carefully through the leaves and thorn on along the branch toward the end of the branch. The end of the branch leads to the gajus tree which is higher that eventually will end up on the roof.

Before the little man gone out of sight I turn around to the real world hoping to get at least a glimpse of this little man to make sure I'm not dreaming, but sadly it wasn't there as reflected by the mirror. I turn back to the mirror and start yelling at that man hoping he would hear me, 'Hey, heyyy!', but he isn't, he is in total ignorance and continue making his way through the leaves and thorns until the very edge of the mirror and eventually out of sight. And that was the first and the last of it.

I made all this up to tell the kids tomorrow.


Jo Qusary said...

Your little people came to visit my blog, hehehe...

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