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Saturday, November 3, 2012

The AES and fatal Kedah crash

Recent horrid car crash in Kedah shocks the nation, the crash leaves four deaths on the spot and one seriously injured.

Ironically, they're alive and kicking on the way to see their ill relative at the hospital, now the ill at the hospital is still alive and the one whose going to visit them died tragically.

In fighting fatal crashes the government has introduced the Automatic Enforcement System or prominently known as AES, it is a system that records automatically on camera, traffic offends such as speeding and rule breaking.

In the first phase, the system will be setup in Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Perak aiming at highly risked road where accident occurred the most.

The region where the system was installed will be mark with sign board to tip off the road user so they wouldn't be penalized but the utmost importantly is their safety as the region they're in is marked accident frequent.

Overall the system is aiming to educate the public rather than to punish them since various campaign and enforcement doesn't work to reduce road offends.

However, AES received an outcry throughout the nation as they claimed this system is trying to rob the rakyat's money? How true the claimed were is beyond me.

For those who oppose because they're among the rule breaker, the mat rempits and speeder, may they lost their love one in a horrid crash.

But I recently read this AES is more than meets the eye, it's a fork system of making profit in disguise of road safety campaign?

The evidence is, it was privatized to concession companies, if the government is sincere to educate than it shouldn't be privatize, hence, when privatize it is a public education no more rather than money making machine like PLUS and the like and syabas.

It is said that PLUS and the like are making millions everyday in profit, more than enough to maintain the road and pay their staff, instead toll charges continue to hike every year, for reasons God knows why.

However removing all tolls to me is unnecessary, we should keep some tolls with minimum charge particularly the north east highway for maintenance and convenience costs, whilst all tolls inside a city should be removed completely.

In Penang, toll Sg Nyior has been made famous in GE 2008 when a certain someone promise to remove it once winning, but until this very moment it is still standing, instead of walking the talk a signboard of diversion was build near it to parade the good deeds the state government did EXCEPT removing the toll.


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