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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

McD to close 110 branches in Japan

From Yahoo!News.co.jp:

On November 1, McDonald’s Holdings Company Japan,revealed that it will close 110 stores within the next year. Profits are rapidly declining through things such as a 2.2% decrease in sales by the end of September in stores that had seen positive growth for eight years prior to the last period (December 2011), and the company is planning to take measures to relieve the problem.

Since the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, McDonald’s has faced severe competition from retail chains that are providing better ready-meal alternatives to home-cooked food, as well as money-saving home-cookers. Eiko Harada, CEO of McDonald’s Japan stated with a severe expression on his face that, ‘The forecast was wildly inaccurate’.

Stores with bad profits, such as small stores that cannot offer all the menu items, will be closed. The closing cost of about ¥1.4 billion will be included in this term’s balance sheet. The company had already closed 433 stores in 2010 to strengthen profitability, but since, according to Harada, ‘McDonald’s is more sensitive to our customer’s sense of satisfaction after the earthquake’, they have decided that further optimization was necessary.

A Japanese branch of McDonald’s thanks customers as it prepares to close after thirty years of business.
Between July and September this year, the recovery from last year’s slump from the earthquake and electricity conservation has not been as large as expected. In addition, delivery service will be expanded from the current 17 stores to 250 stores in the next term to fight ready-meals and domestic dining.

According to the company’s consolidated balance sheet published today, the existing stores’ sales has decreased 1.1% to ¥220.7 billion, and their operating profits has decreased 17.8% to ¥17.7 billion. The performance leaves the current prediction unchanged, but the hurdle for success is high.

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whitecappuccino said...

wslm..sampai bila agaknya penderitaan mereka.

Amel said...

Hullo GF, long time no see :-)

Puteri told us about your good news, congratulations bro!

Best wishes from us both in Boston.
- Amel Hanan & Nur

Gentleman Frog said...


1.till kingdom come

2. tq and congrats to both of u too.

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