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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An envious year

It has been five years I have serves moe, never before I took any leave and went home earlier than I supposed to, except this year which I have an important business to attend to, a once in a life time business, that the date already fixated.

All those years when I'm around until the last day, there never was any last minutes business call upon, except this envious year, approximately a month after final year exam NOTHING came in, when i just busily filling in for anybody's away,

Just on the day I suppose to fly, calls pours in maliciously, asking for this and that. Once I'm safely on the ground thousand kilometers away across the south China sea more calls came in malevolency asking for this and that.

Why there's NOTHING when I'm available !! I just took this one leave in five years for crying out loud!!! and suddenly all hell break lose?!!!

I remembered the task was just to photocopy their result and pass on to the head office once asked, I didn't recall any last minutes test has to be set up?!!

Even missing key has made big, more than one people asked U meaning they blame you, I have my own copy, and I seldom took the reserve key once in a while if i forget to bring one, four whole years, the key was there and didn't go anywhere until THIS year when I'm supposedly not around suddenly it's enviously gone?!!

Can anybody define me envy, malice, enmity, animosity, venom, spleen, rancor,  ill will, bad blood, animus, malevolence, evil intent, vindictivenee and malignity.


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Anonymous said...

try to take one year leave and let them scream like crazy

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