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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Policeman's son shot dead while attempting robbery

Tuesday December 18, 2012

Man killed in robbery bid

Crime scene: Police personnel removing the suspect’s body from the store in Taman Sri Rampai, Setapak.

KUALA LUMPUR: A robber, believed to be a policeman's son, was shot dead while his accomplice fled with a gunshot wound after they tried to rob a 24-hour convenience store in Setapak here.

A store worker suffered a minor cut to his throat in yesterday's 4.40am incident in Taman Sri Rampai.

Members of a task force set up to investigate robberies at 24-hour convenience stores had stumbled upon the culprits while they were trying to rob the store, said city CID chief Asst Comm Khairi Ahrasa.

He said the two men had come to the store on a motorcycle, which had fake registration plates.

“At the time, four people were working. One of the suspects held a parang to the cashier's neck and asked him to hand over money from the register.

“However, the suspect panicked when he saw a police MPV pulling up in front of the store,” said ACP Khairi.

He added that the suspect, 19, then aimed his parang at the policemen, who were forced to open fire.

The suspect died at the scene when a bullet hit his chest. His accomplice, believed to have also been shot, fled on foot. The cashier suffered a minor cut from the parang.

It is learnt that the dead robber, whose identity is being withheld, is a son of a General Operations Force policeman.

Police, who have retrieved a CCTV footage which captured the incident, are on the lookout for the other suspect.

The case has been classified as voluntarily causing hurt during a robbery and attempted murder.

Further investigations revealed the store had been robbed 15 times this year.

During the same period, 31 robbery cases involving 24-hour convenience stores in the Wangsa Maju area were reported. ~the star

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