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Monday, December 24, 2012

AES: Four burnt to death

Again we are shock today by a horrid accident that leaves a family of four burnt to death in a freak car bus collision.  It is tragic enough to justify any means necessary including AES.

Again sorry for those who loss may U all do not belong to those anti AES scum. Ironically, its not really nice to hope that those who involved were anti AES loved one, yet deep inside many had highly hoped so.

So that those scum who prone to politicize everything might swallow his own hard bitter medicine that everyday he threw at AES to win vote for his adored useless only knew to object party irrespective whether the issue is for the greater good or not.

However i stood on the side that AES shouldn't be privatize to concession company, or by any profit means necessary, it must be kept true public aiming for education purpose only.

Let us push those political scum to drop the 'no to AES' campaign and replace it to 'no privatization'.

We the rakyat should keep together not to oppose AES completely but its privatization or it will end up like our tolls, after 30 years yet they keep charging us and what's better sarcastically, instead of the more you pay the lesser it will go, its rates keep hiking instead of going down.


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