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Friday, January 25, 2013

No wife, so man rapes daughter

Monday January 21, 2013

No wife, so man rapes daughter

AFTER her mother died when she was 13, Harlina (not her real name) said her father told her he would love and care for her as she looked so much like her mum.

And then he started becoming amorous.

A few months after his wife's death, he lured her to bed and raped her, Metro Ahad reported in a special feature on young victims sexually assaulted by their own kin.

Harlina, now 19, said her mother died after giving birth to her sister, now seven.

She decided that enough was enough when her father started to also molest the younger girl.

“He had often told me that he did not want any other woman after my mother died. It was like he could not accept she was gone,” said Harlina, who has fled with her younger sister to live with her foster parents.

“I have seen him talking to himself, like he was having a conversation with my mother. He may have loved her a lot, but I became his victim.”

An aunt, in whom she confided, lodged a police report and the man is now behind bars.

“I love my father but, at the same time, I really hate him. It is difficult for me to accept what had happened,” she said, adding she could never forgive her dad for what he did to her and her sister. ~the star

That's easy, no wife so rape somebody, why with the headache yea?


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