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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Supermarkets hike vegetables prices 100%

Recently I bought a bunch of lemon grass, at the cashier I was took aback to find out that the price was doubled to one ninety nine whilst last year was at a humble one ringgit per bunch.

I took the liberty to visit a few grocery store around Sandakan and ascertained most of vegetables that was once one ringgit per bunch inches up to 100%, all of them sell at a whooping RM2 per bunch.

I was perplexed by this hike since I didn't heard any fuel hike anywhere. Only sugar price hike in 2013 budget. What does sugar got something to do with vegetables?

According to the store owner, it was the middleman. They increased the price due to bad weather. We should beware since raw material price increase likely food prices will follow next.

I don't know if the KDNK is aware of this hike, if they don't they have to start getting busy poking their nose now before food inflation hit the country and end up like the present Argentina.



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