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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Repetition can be counter productive

"Kiniku nikmati kehidupan yang selesa
Dibentuk oleh mereka yang penyayang
Hari silih ganti kami maju ke hadapan
tak kira apa jua halangan"

I swear if I heard one more round of this song, I'll not renew the current government contract to govern next GE. I heard this song umpteen times since I turn on the TV today, and I cannot continue to bear this abomination any more.

Luckily the rain steps in and save the government of the day. By this you knew i'm on Astro and astro cannot tolerate rain at the same time keep on siphoning our money mostly on rainy season.

Back to kiniku nikmati kehidupan yang selesa..

Yes its true repetition is good to familiarize your brand to the people but it can also lead to fatigue, where people become so tired and prone to tune out or actively avoid you.

Therefore, use repetition wisely as too much repetition may be counter productive.



P. Mirchi said...

I am currently using a new method to use Astro without subscribing or paying to Astro. Interested?

una berry said...

tired of that song too.heh

Gentleman Frog said...

@p mirchi,

Very, but don't tell me to go and watch at mamak stall ;p


Howdy long time no see.

P. Mirchi said...

google for skybox f3

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