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Friday, January 25, 2013

Bullied to do extra work -plight of teachers

Monday January 21, 2013

Bullied to do extra work

THIS is to highlight the plight of teachers who have to do the tasks of the Head of Department (Ketua Bidang) in schools in Klang. Teachers are struggling but at the same time happy to be involved in the ‘Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah’ programme since it is a good idea to move away from an exam based education.

Since the programme is still new, teachers have a lot to learn and lots of paper work that have to be completed and teachers are not complaining as this is part of the teaching and learning process.

What teachers can’t stomach is the practice of the Ketua Bidang delegating administrative jobs to teachers as well.

What happens is that the principal assigns a certain school programme to the Ketua Bidang who quickly assigns the duty to a teacher who has to prepare the proposal, the working paper, form a small committee and carry out the project.

The teacher also has to take photographs, write a report, bind it and give it to the Ketua Bidang who will then present it to the principal.

That is the only job of a Ketua Bidang – listen to the principal and direct other teachers to carry out the work and just sit in a nice air-conditioned room and wait for the report.

Teachers have been doing all the donkey work for the Ketua Bidang, but now we are so bogged down with paper work related to the PBS, that we are not able to teach at all.

The students are at the losing end and we feel sorry for them.

The Ketua Bidang’s have only five to 10 teaching periods and they can easily do all the paper work requested by the principal.

Stop bullying the poor teachers!

Right now the Ketua Bidang have so much free time that they have functions, potluck, sell cakes and batik during school hours.

There is a solution though. In some cases the Ketua Bidang have been in the school for many years and they can manipulate and control the administration.

A suggestion to the JPN is to transfer these teachers who have served more than five years in a particular school to another school.

This is done in many other districts and states so why not in Klang?

Only in Klang, teachers who are the most senior are promoted regardless of whether they can do the work or not.

Granted there are a few Ketua Bidang who are doing their work but the majority of them don’t do any work at all.

The Education Ministry is reforming the education system, therefore the Klang district education office should take the first step to reform the Ketua Bidang in secondary schools.

It should retrain these teachers and redeploy them to other schools in the district. SOON TO RETIRE TEACHER

Klang. ~the star


whitecappuccino said...

harap2 tak kena buat PBS sbb ajar men atas. prefer mengajar lagi dr buat kerja2 gitu.

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