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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Nude body of woman found in bushes

BUKIT MERTAJAM: The nude body of a woman was found in some bushes near an oil palm estate at Berapit here today.

Penang Criminal Investigations Department chief SAC Zahruddin Abddullah said that passers-by discovered the body, which was starting to decompose, at about 10.30am and called the police.

Police believe the woman was murdered in a nearby hut belonging to the Penang Water Supply Corporation where traces of blood were found, he told reporters at the scene. ~MMail

Again?. Not long ago in Johore a 14 years old girl was murdered and left under a heap of palm leaves. before that a body of a girl was found stuffed in a luggage bag. before before that in Perak a body of a 16 years old half naked girl was found in a ditch in a palm estate believed was raped and murdered.

Is it possible this media linkage is a curse. Every incident reported triggered another identical incident. There was bus accident before another bus accident before another bus accident. Is like people are inspired by other people's achievement. Owh yeah he drove and killed 12 so this guy drive and killed 28 surpassed that guy record.

To curb this curse it is suggested that no media should made public such incident for fear it might triggered another, avoid the evil ear. Restrict report to happy inspiring news only such, Malaysia team won Suzuki cup for the country, a 14 yo girl died trying to save a 16 yo boy cousin. Later will evoked hero dementia in everybody, everybody want to excel, everybody want to contribute for the country.

Bad news is never good news to anybody.


FarhanaDr said...

Ouh.. Ayat "is like people are inspired by other people's achievement" begitu sarkastik bunyinya.. Satu renungan.. Tapi sampai bila nak duduk merenung? Hmmmm..

Jo Qusary said...

I can't help laughing wickedly at the statement about one guy trying to surpass another in terms of body count through reckless driving...

wahida said...

salam...selamat tahun baru...salam kenal, saya dah follow, kalau sudi follow me back k!!

whitecappuccino said...

Killing is like a game maybe..

una berry said...

media creates copycats

HonEyBuNNy said...

dunia akhir zaman....;-)

norh said...

me, once thought about this curse..

miss nina said...

orang newspaper suka la, sort of marketing and trendy.
bila orang dah lupa, putar semula.

Gentleman Frog said...

salam all,

purportedly for the public to learn the lesson. but the side effect eventually created a copy cat.

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