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Sunday, January 9, 2011


There's a dead lizard in the sauce!

ALOR SETAR: An eatery owner in Langgar town, near here, was shocked to see what she claimed was a dead house lizard in a bottle of sauce which was to be used for cooking.

Nor Hashima Mohd Noor, 29, said the dead lizard was noticed by her worker, Nor Hayati Abu Hassan, 25, who wanted to use the sauce to cook Mee Bandung for a customer, on Wednesday.

"When my worker was pouring out the sauce which I had just bought from a nearby sundry shop into a bowl, she saw something whitish with a tail but did not think it was a house lizard.

"But when my friend and I looked at it closely, we were shocked to find that it was a dead lizard," said Nor Hashima, adding that she tried to contact the manufacturer's telephone number printed on the label but failed. ~the star

Emm yummy, no wonder that sauce taste soooo gooood. They put extra ingredient in there emm emm i'm lovin it.

Hey berries n cherries :p

I've started writing my children story. I've gone thru five pages now. My target is max 15 pages.

It is still about a girl name Hana Putri but this time she's turned into a cockroach after making a wish she'd like to experience life as a roach.

She will then experience roaches life, the thrill to find food since roaches don't garner, runway from being stomp by human or sprayed upon with ridsect.

The climax is when Hana will be married to another roach name Daim by her roach foster parent. It's a bad news for Hana since roaches once mated (only once) will continue laying eggs her whole life, yuck. Hana refuse and tries to run away with the help of her friend roach name Nadim. In the end Nadim succumbs to his dead after being smacked by Hana's human mom.

What will happen to Hana's then, will she eventually turn back into her human form?


una berry said...

it's going to be a children's story?
I wish my Hamna never wish to be a cockroach.they're so ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

whitecappuccino said...

wow! yummy2!
Quite an interesting story,can't wait for the ending.

HonEyBuNNy said...

eee geli la...ila pernah dulu...tgk2 botol kicap dalam tu ada lipas...terus xmkn dah...selamat xsakit apa2....

***isu shawls***

miss nina said...

hana putri,what a beautiful name.
keep on writing pal

Jo Qusary said...

Hana Putri the cockroach...
met another roach under the coach...
they got married and hit the sack...
when suddenly Hana's mom gave them a smack!


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