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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Its was a cloudy day,

They usually flown at 32,000 feet (11 kilos) but today the climbed up to 53, 000 feet (16 kilos) due to bad weather, we're are rocking in our seats and i was shaking.

Prior to landing, when the lights are out, it almost certain that we hit a pot hole, as if. Everybody jumped in their seats and the women let out their high pitch 'aAA' adding to the thrill.

Thank Allah and my family for their prayers we landed safely in Sandakan soil after a bumpy ride.

Allah let us live another day giving another chance to us to repent and so that we become a better person days to come.

Off to work tomorrow. (in a few hours).


una berry said...

phew, thanks Allah to that!
never been on a plane n it sure sounds scary to me

happy new year froggie! and have 'fun' at work :D

FarhanaDr said...

Happy working on the first day of 2011.. Heee.. And a hepi new year for you.. Moga yang terbaik untuk anda di tahun ini Mr. Gentleman Frog.. Ngeee.. :)

HonEyBuNNy said...

adusss...rindu sandakan...;-)

whitecappuccino said...

Some are very fortunate to be given another chance to live.. use it to the fullest..The Most Gracious and Merciful Allah.

norh said...

Happy New Year Gentleman Frog..do and pray the best everyday..

noreed said...

allhamdulillah slamat mendarat

Gentleman Frog said...

salam all,

tq, I had a chat with an airport tower controller. He said that bump was caused by a very 'thick' cloud that the plane came into and it was nothing really.

Owh it just me then.

miss nina said...

thank God all of u safe.
happy new year n happy working too

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