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Thursday, January 6, 2011


What's contribute partially to school gangsterism is certain local comic that influenced by Japanese anime. This comic always depict a school student which happened to be a kindhearted gangster who tries to put wrong things right in his own way, take justice into his own hand.

Porah. no oil mix with water, no good mix with evil. don't imbue our children with flaws ambitions.

Youngster tend to believe gangsterism, rempit and smoking = rocks. The truth is it doesn't even dangdut.

What's rock is when u excel at school in academic or sport or art or everything that pleased your mom and dad and earn yourself a place at a higher learning institute whether its academical or talent based instead of getting yourself there through quota or 3 to 5 credits requirement.

Why is this important, so that one day, no need of you to defend yourself when u are somewhere with somebody questioning your credential.


whitecappuccino said...

Ya..paling penting ialah, belajar sewaktu ada peluang ni.

norh said...

me, not rock :P

una berry said...

oh, I like this
u know, my sis Wajihah loves to read that kinda comic
I frequently told her that her hobby is just a waste of money n not really a good influence too. n other comic/manga also depict not so good manner like having a bf when u're still in high school is a must kinda thing. too bad certain comic publication here even published the translated version of mangas from Japan.

yeah, they're better concentrate to their studies. it will become harder for them in the future.

miss nina said...

it's ok to read some comics/ manga, afterall we read doraemon , kampung boy, anak2 sidek rite?

things only get worse when youngsters didnt know how to diff the good and bad comic and get influenced by the comics.

wahida said...

saya suka baca novel je..hiks...

noreed said...

alah mr frogie ni, tak rock lah mcm ni...hehehhe?

Poyaty said...

hehehe, yup. agree with u mr. frog. bole dtg sek bg motivasi kat bebudak neh

Gentleman Frog said...

miss nina,

have u ever read gempak? u'll know what i meant.

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