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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


'Role of ustaz more than ghost busting'

KUALA LUMPUR: Islamic scholars and preachers have called on film directors and scriptwriters of local horror films to consult religious experts, including on scenes of using Quranic verses to appease the spirits of ghosts and djinn, to protect the faith of Muslim viewers.

A lecturer at Universiti Putra Malaysia's (UPM) Islamic Centre, Mohd Azahari Yusuf, said they must also be aware of the important role of Islamic preachers and ustaz (religious teachers) in the lives of Muslims and not limit their role as ghost busters, as portrayed in many horror movies. ~NST

Haha I too have a thought on this. Not just ghost busting, except eidul fitri if it is aidil adha, maal hijrah, maulidur rasul we would be served load of sad near to death, repentance, anak durhaka, isteri durhaka stories whereas there are 1001 reason why we should be happy on that day, should be with syariah compliant of course.

A friend of mine who did IRK at UIA once told me. After graduating, his sister asked him to cure his nephew who constantly awoken at night and start crying for a lengthy period of time which she believed had something to do with paranormal intervention. 'can u muttered a few word and blew her to a soother'.

Eventually he did but he complaint to me during a chat of our people mindset that narrow Quran to either paranormal or religiousness ignoring the universality of It , 'Quran thought me to run a state, to run a business, marriage counseling, public relation and they asked me to ghost bust?' With this kind of mindset no wonder the syariah graduate had difficulty to find a job, luckily the government of the day set up JQAF.

But with all the halal hub, Islamic banking and syariah compliant in demand. Those guys too should be in demand if every company, big restaurant and bank to set up its own syariah department to monitor whether everything the company did is syariah compliant same goes to movie making and the entertainment business.


una berry said...

I wonder y u put this post unde 'fasha sandha in bali' hehehe

regardless of all, I despise horror movies *penakut*. Malays' horror movies are sucks though. they're always become funny instead. :D

whitecappuccino said...

Kesian kat ustaz, itu aje tugas yg dorang nampak, tukang halau hantu dan sesekali baca talkin di kubur..

Gentleman Frog said...

salam u 2,

fasha caught a ghost in bali.

ye la wc.

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