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Monday, April 11, 2011


The man who sold the world.

There is a character among us at work that truly materialized the phrase talk is cheap. He spoke highly of himself of being expert in anything and everything yet contradict to what he accomplished and portrayed in his day to day living.

One day I heard from word of mouth that he is planning to leave, to transfer away. Out of concern an pitifulness, i lend my time of spending it with him every weekend. Since he is a man of social who cannot live alone and nor of solidarity. While i myself enjoys my solidarity very much and not of men who enjoys company. So every weekend we went lepaking at mamak stall or bowl. Every weekend ... until one day. When he sold my name at the cheapest and enjoyed doing so. I realized it's time to boogie.....

In another event of his life. He was having difficulties so he let go many of his things including his ride. This, attract a concerned officemate to hire purchase (actually rent as the owner want it back when he doesn't need it later) a ride to ease his misfortune. How ever this act also lead to betrayal. He sold that person ride without the owner's consent. Which later on led to another disastrous relationship problem. Where everybody that ever close and without hesitant to lend a hand ditch him,,,

So kids don't bite the hands that fed U.


una berry said...

that guy is such a jerk
ppl are being nice to him and yet he's behaving the other way round

wahida said...

pernah terkena mcm ni...mmg sakit hati dibuatnya..

bykkan sabar je la..

whitecappuccino said...

been around this kind of people.

miss nina said...

ouch..that's hurt.
tak patut sungguh.

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