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Monday, April 4, 2011


Ye know, living among stupid could cost u something. For instance your life, precious moment of your life might be taken or rob from u to be exact. Like postal age, privacy, or your could end up single and live alone for the rest of your life, I heard from a radio show of a three sisters now age the youngest is 55 end up single just because when they're young they have to abide to their xxx rules/ norm, very long sad story that cause me to pull over and cried for a while and end up arriving late to work,,, damn. anyway It is all because some of us live among stupid.

Back in my neighborhood where each house can only afford two cars space-conomally. Still they're stupid who are ignorance and live to make others life miserable. If u happens to have more than two cars, by all mean u should park that additional car somewhere that will not bother anybody else.

But as the saying goes, uneducated will be uneducated. They would intentionally or unintentionally end up becoming others pain in the butt. They WILL find a spot in between somebody else houses instead of they and their own neighbor's, to park, and on their wisdom and mercy fullness they would leave adequate slim skimpy space so that enough for one car to ooze out stressfully from ones OWN house, as if they are the only one who paid the rent and road tax of that particular road.

End of story, Go fish yourself.


whitecappuccino said...

sesetengah orang memang tak senang kalau tak menyusahkan orang lain..
lamanya tak nampak kat sini.

una berry said...

yeah, long time no see
some people are just inconsiderate or as u said ignorant. selfish

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

in a weird sense, that what makes life great


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