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Friday, January 2, 2015

Urban gardening

I have planted a few carrots on my 3rd floor apartment.

It all happened one day,

When I was going to take out the trash I notice the leftover carrot's top sprouted. So I took all four of it and planted it in old cooking oil containers converted into flower pots.

I don't know if it will grow to a full grown carrot but I do take good care of it by watering it every morning and evening and apply fertilizer and organic pesticides every weeks. The pots are placed on the balcony so sunlight will not be a problem.

There is one concern thou. I do afraid of rabbits. Rabbits are well known avid carrot junkies, Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabbit, Peter Rabbit, Rabbits from Bunny Town to name a few are well known carrot addicts.

I do hope my carrot will grow without rabbit interference.


whitecappuccino said...

semoga carrot tu dapat dimakan oleh tuan yang menanamnya ya. Ya Allah! lama betul saya tak singgah sini..(sebab tak berblog dekat setahun). Terima kasih sebab masih sempat singgah kat blog saya.

whitecappuccino said...

rajin !bagus tu.

FarhanaDr said...

Sir. I have a question. How about a "frog" then? Are they carrot addicts? :P

P/S : It's been sooooo long. Encik Gentleman Frog mengajar dekat Sabah kan? Is it? Anyway, salam "perjumpaan" kembali. :)

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