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Monday, March 21, 2011


I spent most of my time today watching animax on astro. Animax is an exclusive channel dedicated to anime, cartoons originated from japan. One thing that all anime have in common despite whoever draw it are their eyes are wide.

So I watched animax from dawn to dusk today. Finally I noticed one more thing they share, every anime wants to kill demon. Since I just watched anime today i couldn't recall any, but one thing that i couldn't shake off my mind is that they all (most of them) teenagers with special power that want to kill demon.

Oh yes, Inuyasha, bleach, tower of .. to name a few. So after ultraman killed dinosaurs and many more killed demons, this world would.. should be a better place.


poyaty said...

hahaha, itu kan cuma anime. camne nk aman klau d real demon masih diluar sana

una berry said...

they want those wide eyes but can't have it for real :P

hizzame said...

We can't kill a demon, but a demon can kill us, through a heart attack. Don't panic when experiencing something unnatural.

norh said...

banyak demon kat tempat keja sy..siapa nak tolong sy? :P

miss nina said...

demon must die, right?

whitecappuccino said...

fantasy vs reality

Jo Qusary said...

humans are the true evil ones.

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