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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Salam berries,

After the attack. I decided to subscribe astro. So i took learning, fun, and variety plus the basic excluding the sport channel. Pretty weird for a guy not to subscribe to the sport channel. But i figured out that this is where astro makes most of its money, through the sport channel, and i don't want to fall for it.

After all for every major football event me and my friend would group up together and watch it at any mamak stall somewhere thus nobody watch it at home. So here i had contributed to green energy and saved before the great depression or maybe the flood.

Hey i'm not trying to cause panic, look around, the OPEC countries are in debacle, the oil price is hiking. Back in the 80's not many can afford cars thus car resemble prestige, one day not many want a car because of its unaffordable gas. Then their was the earth quake in japan that cause tsunami.

The world is at its end. Be prepared.


whitecappuccino said...

Assalamualaikum GF..
Apa kabar? Lama betul menghilang..harap awak dah sihat ya.

whitecappuccino said...

Th world is at its end..are we ready for that? Scary!

una berry said...

I guess, I should buy a bicycle instead of a car
hey, welcome back

FarhanaDr said...

Hope you are doing fine then.. :)

Hey encik Frog.. Yep.. Lama tak dengar khabar kamu.. Harap kamu baik-baik saje.. Hee.. :)

hizzame said...

GF where have you been?, we miss you hahahaha..

miss nina said...

Belajar dari sejarah
Encik Frog in the house ya!

norh said...

me too, missing u..he he he

Gentleman Frog said...

salam all,

i'm touched sob sob, i getting better now, will continue living and preparing.

miss all of u too.

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