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Monday, August 16, 2010


"Fresh and ready for combat" Vire river valley is my map of choice, small and easy to defend. I always play as panzer elite starting at point three. Beginning with sending the keternel upfront connecting resource up to the northern bridge then to the south-west stopping at the point across the south bridge. Starting with two infantries, build the kampgruppe kompanie. Then, upgrade them with G43 and send one group to capture the ammunition on the hill and retreat to the church in front of the southern bridge near the well, the other group would continue building the panzer jager Kommand to gain access to the assault trooper and the armored car excel at cleaning up infantry.

Build an assault troop, an armored car and an assault troop again. Send one assault troop to join the recon group at the church, upon impact send them across the bridge and camp at the house just north of it to repel any enemy infantries trying to cross the bridge and to cover the keternel in recapturing resources point around it.

Send the armored car to defend the ammunition near the northern bridge since the enemy (AI) will try to capture this territory or the territory north of it at the beginning. Send the second assault troop to back up the armored car. The other group will remain at base to build the panzer support command before joining the armored car team.

The armored car team should be busy running up and down along the river to repel the enemy trying to cross the river, here u will gain a lot of points for your tactics of your choice. Always do something when one of ur units are moving from pint a to point b.

And this is the basic, invest all resources in upgrading to gain the summon panther ability before the assault. Got the panther? then u owned the enemy.


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